10 Essential Tips for Success in WordPress

Essential Tips for Success in WordPress

If you’re starting on a WordPress journey, whether you’re a seasoned developer or a beginner, these 10 essential tips can pave the way for your success:

1. Unique Post

If you have created any kind of blog site then you should always post high quality. And such posts should be kept on the site which are at least 96% unique and if possible try to keep 100% unique posts. And if you create a news site then always keep 100% correct and true news site. And under no circumstances can news be copied. Must have at least 95% unique posts There are many websites to check how unique a post is. You can search them on YouTube or Google.

2. Copy Post

There are many people who copy on the website. I am telling them to give up hope of Ad-sense because Google never supports copy post. The post should be written entirely in your own language. If you want, you can take the idea of ​​the post from Google, YouTube, etc. but in no way can the exact post be given on the site. There are many people who after copying the post change a few words and post on other sites. This is called re-write. And Google does not support this issue.

3. Add Images Downloaded from Google to Posts or as Thumbnails

Downloading an image directly from Google and posting it on your own site is the biggest stupidity. Because Google has determined that this thing is copyrighted. But you’re posting an image that you can’t find anywhere but Google or a search engine. For example: pictures of flowers, pictures of fruits etc.

In that case, you can download images from Google if you want. However, downloaded images cannot be posted directly. The photo should be lightly edited. For example: If you want, you can add your website name or logo in one corner of the picture or in one place. After that you can paste it in your post. In that case Google will not catch the copy image.

4. Domain and Hosting

You need to add any paid domain and hosting to the website. And you can’t create a site without hosting. So to make a website you need to purchase a domain and hosting first. Then create a website. If you buy the domain and hosting for the site from a trusted website. You can find good domain purchase websites by searching on Google or YouTube.

5. Site indexed in Google

Getting your site indexed in Google is a special process. If you don’t do this, it becomes very difficult to get AdSense on the site. By indexing the site in Google, you will find many posts on Google and videos on YouTube.

6. Post indexed in Google

It is also another important process to index the site in Google. By doing this, your post will rank well in Google. And if you search it will be on the 1st page of Google. And this will increase the number of visitors to your site. And the increase in visitors means that your income will increase compared to before. But when the site gets AdSense approval, your income will increase as the visitors to your site increase.

7. Rules of the Post

Google does not support any low quality posts or low quality posts. So every post on your site must be 350+ words and try to post which are searched a lot every month. For this you can take the help of Key-Word Research. However, if you write a post of 350 words or less on your site, you will need more posts to approve AdSense and the more words you post, the more your post will impress Google.

8. Make Posts SEO FRIENDLY

A post should be SEO friendly. SEO friendly posts encourage users to read the post. And in this your site will get AdSense very soon. This is one of the ways to get success in WordPress.

9. Edit the Home Page of the Site

Keep at least 4-5 links (home page link, new post page link, contract page link, payment page link etc.) on the home page of the site. It makes the site look beautiful. And as a result the site looks attractive.

10. Use a Beautiful Theme on the Site

If you make a beautiful theme for the site or use a beautiful theme, the visitors will be attracted and come to your site again and again. And first of all I said that visitors mean money. If you know HTML/CSS/JS etc coding then you can make a beautiful theme for your site by yourself. And if you can’t then no problem, you can get some free themes in WordPress. Moreover, you will get some free themes on Google. Which only needs to be edited.

But if you make a theme then remember that the theme is SEO Friendly and Mobile Friendly. Then your site will benefit.

Thus, if you use these 10 essential tips, it will be much easier for you to get success in WordPress. And you will get many more YouTube tutorials to get success in WordPress. Check them out and your work will be easy.